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Capalbio cosa vedere: storia, mare e spiagge | Resort Capalbio

Capalbio Italy

A medieval tower on a hill coming out from the Mediterranean wood and watching to the sea: “Capalbio is a castle located high on a hill, which overlooks a wide piece of country and spreads out the look to far villages”(G.Santi, 1795).

The wild boar is his symbol; in the graveyard, partly inside and partly outside the consecrated land, was buried Tiburzi, the brigand symbol of a malarial land, how was once the Maremma.

One enters the medieval centre, which still has a pyramidal structure, by a gate dominated by the coat of arms of Siena: a gold lion which shows with its right paw a bald human head, the symbol of Capalbio.

The ancient castle with its crenelated tower is still equipped with glacises, crenels and rounds, from which one enjoys the amazing landscape throughout the country, the sea and the outlines of the islands of Tuscan archipelago.

Worth visiting is the Romanesque church of San Nicola (in town): its inside walls are decorated with Renaissance frescoes and Romanesque capitals with zoomorphic images, racemes of grapes, palmettes, little roses and stylized leaves.

The Oratory of Providence (outside the walls) where is kept a fresco representing Virgin Mary enthroned with the Child, angels and saints, attributed to Pinturicchio (circa 1510)

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